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Cell Phone Tower Antenna - city forcing tower on neighborhood- September 2000
Western rejects tower that would benefit all campus community. Who is the nimby?

The Happy Valley Neighborhood Planning process is being hosted at:


I will continue to post special issues dealing with Happy Valley here at NW Citizen. However, for the planning process, I think it better to move everything over to a less issue oriented web site.


October 29, 1999 - City illegally withholds draft plan from residents
Works secretly with WWU for 7 weeks to allow modifications suitable for Western

March 21, 1999 - Visioning Results from March 4 neighborhood meeting. Plus - first outline of new Neighborhood Plan from Planning Dept. This is packet for the Thursday, March 25 meeting at 7 pm at the Luthern Church at 18th and Harris.

Report of Jan 14, 99 meeting - includes many suggestions from residents

Moratorium on building 4 bedroom cheater duplexes - Nov. 24, 1997. A report from the city council meeting.

Preliminary Info on '97 Comprehensive Plan - posted October 1996
In April 97, we start revising our comprehensive plan for Happy Valley.

The Barracks and Fire Station issue - this takes you to the index.


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