Timeline of the SecretProcess

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City documents of the Fire Station locationsearch in 1998

Note: This is a work in progress. We will continue to adddocuments as we are able to.

In December 1997, Dave Wolf, Fire Department Special ProjectsManager, contacted Bob Reid, the owner of the Barracks, a low cost 19unit apartment on Harris Street between 15th and 16th Streets inHappy Valley.


May 14: A memo from DaveWolf - unsigned - excitedly telling why the city should shouldpromptly buy the Reid property. Probably directed to the Mayor orFire Chief. Note how unsystematically his reasons are presented. Readthis 13 item recommendation to buy and notice how that there are noresponse time studies, no cost/benefit calculations, no sitecomparison analysis. The Fire Department, Mayor and City Council haverepeatedly told us citizens how systematic was the search for theright property - how many factors that only the professionalsunderstood were involved in this careful selection. Well, this memoshows this to all be empty talk. Item #3 says one reason tobuy is the council is "sold" on the location. So, that suggests thatif the council likes it, then the fire professionals don't care ifthe site is the best or not. Item #5 - he describes theBarracks as a "blight". #8 says it would be good to buybecause it will show progress. Wow - this means just do something -anything - to make noise and others will think you are making thecorrect choices. #11 is a political reason - impress theneighborhood folks. Boy, did that ever backfire. So, this is what thecity uses to make important decisions. What a shame.


On June 23, the city and Bob Reid signed aletter of understanding agreeing on the purchase of the Barracksfor $500,000. Only details of the sale contract were left for finaladjustment. At this point negotiations over price are done. Yet theCouncil would keep this process secret for two more months - untilAugust 17. This is arguably in violation of the state open meetinglaw.

On July 9, Dave Wolf send an internal city Emailexplaining details that need to be done as part of the purchase.One item needed is a threatening letter from the city to BobReid.

On July 24, the Mayor sent Bob Reid athreatening letter saying if Bob would not sell willingly thenthe city would employ eminent domain to secure his property.



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