Georgia Pacific Electricity Needs
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Besides 40 polluting diesel generators in downtown Bellingham, what are G-Ps options?

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George Dyson, a local civic leader, suggested an idea this morning after listening to the info TV program last night. Why doesn't G-P buy their needed 40 megawatts from the Puget Sound Energy (PSE) owned 160 megawatt generators located right on G-P property? Why start up 40 big polluting diesel generators when there is a large cleaner generator 100 yards away?

We would like to hear the answer from G-P and PSE. We will print any received on this page. Check back.

According to a Schedule 448 filed with the State Utilities Commission, PSE would be happy to transmit electricity to G-P over their transmission lines from where ever G-P generats electricity.

Thus, G-P could set up their 40 diesels out at Cherry Point and pay PSE just the transmission fees to their mill on the Bellingham waterfront.

Why not do that? We invite G-P to reply. We invite Bellingham city council members to reply. We invite the mayor to reply. We invite PSE to reply. We will print any answers here. Check back.


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