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1. Ralph Nader is not for sale. Millions of corporate dollars
and twenty-two thousand corporate lobbyists are choking American
democracy. Nader is the only candidate running a clean money
campaign. While Bush and Gore rake in millions of dollars in
soft money and obligations to special interests, the Nader
campaign refuses soft money, corporate contributions or PAC

2. Ralph Nader is a real reformer. During his 37-year career,
he has been the driving force behind landmark pieces of
legislation such as the Motor Vehicle Highway Safety Acts, the
Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act and the Freedom of
Information Act.

3. Ralph Nader is the only candidate fighting for universal
health care coverage now
. 46 million Americans do not have
health insurance –nearly a 30% increase since 1992. A universal
health care system of public payment and private delivery would
cut the huge administrative costs which burden American wallets.

4. Ralph Nader vigorously fought the confirmation of extremist
Supreme Court Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas. A
Senate controlled by Democrats confirmed Scalia and Thomas.

Ralph Nader respects and will protect a woman’s right to choose
when to have children. Nader will continue to fight for fair,
impartial justices.

5. Ralph Nader strives to abolish child poverty in America.
While Western European nations have all but eliminated child
poverty, one in five American children lives in poverty.

6. Ralph Nader is the only candidate who supports the repeal of
the Taft-Hartley Act, “the chokehold on American labor.” Nader
encourages the growth of trade unions—now at a sixty-year low in
the private sector—to protect worker’s rights and safety.

7. Ralph Nader is the only candidate who would withdraw the
United States from the WTO and NAFTA and renegotiate all trade
agreements to include provisions that safeguard workers,
consumers, and the environment.

8. Ralph Nader attacks racial discrimination. Nader would
protect people of color by enhancing affirmative action,
cracking down on racial profiling, implementing widespread
community policing, and terminating the illegal lending patterns
of redlining and blockbusting.

9. Ralph Nader opposes the failed War on Drugs. Nader believes
that this policy has only amplified street crime and transformed
the private prison industry into one of the fastest growing
industries in America. Nader contends that drug addiction
should be treated as a health problem.

10. Ralph Nader is against the death penalty. Bush and Gore are
for it.

11. Ralph Nader fights corporate crime and welfare. Corporate
crime kills far more people and costs taxpayers far more money
than street crime. Corporate welfare siphons hundreds of
billions of taxpayer dollars away from where they are needed to
rebuild America’s bridges, schools, health and recreation
centers, drinking water systems, mass transit systems and other
public facilities.

12. Ralph Nader calls for an end to the economic sanctions on
Iraq, which cause the deaths of 5,000 children per month
according to the American Physicians Taskforce. Unlike military
sanctions, economic sanctions actually strengthen the
dictatorship in Iraq.

13. Ralph Nader is the only candidate who supports equal rights
for gays and lesbians – in the military, in civil unions, in the
workplace, and in the marketplace.

14. Ralph Nader protects family farms, “the cultural backbone of
America.” Bush and Gore accept large contributions from giant
agribusinesses intent on displacing small farmers. Additionally,
along with 90% of Americans, Nader supports labeling
genetically-engineered food. Gore and Bush oppose labeling.

15. Ralph Nader would cut the swollen military budget. Although
the Cold War ended ten years ago, the Republicans and Democrats
continue to fund unnecessary gold-plated weapons systems such as
the unworkable anti-ballistic missile defense system and the
unsafe Osprey fighter.

16. Ralph Nader supports a significant increase in the federal
minimum wage and a living wage nationwide. Although the
record-breaking economy has doubled in size over the last thirty
years, the inflation-adjusted federal minimum wage is currently
approximately $2.15 lower than it was in 1968.

17. Ralph Nader would end all commercial logging in our National
Forests. The Federal Government subsidizes logging in the
National Forests to the tune of 1.2 billion dollars annually,
yielding just 3% of the national timber harvest.Nader would use
the 1.2 billion to restore those forests for future generations.

18. Ralph Nader would reshape our energy policy to favor clean
energy technologies, such as solar and conservation. His push
for efficient and clean mass transit systems would not only
greatly reduce our dependence on oil, but would reduce
transportation costs, pollution levels and traffic accidents.

19. Ralph Nader will protect your privacy. Never before has the
privacy of American citizens been under such an invasion, from
increased government surveillance to Internet commercial
snooping to the sharing of personal medical records without your

20. Every vote for Ralph Nader is a vote towards the creation of
a watchdog political party that will empower civic groups and
send a clear message to the two major parties: “shape up or
shrink down.” If you agree that Ralph Nader is the only
presidential candidate capable of reforming politics, vote
Nader. Do you expect your members of Congress to vote their
conscience? Shouldn’t you?


Michael Moore: Reasons to Vote for Nader (Video) - 1 Oct. 2000

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