Election 1999

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NWCitizen endorses candidates. I believe in candidates who showintegrity - honesty. Or as much as we can get in a publicofficial. Then I look for a track record of openess to citizenparticipation from those in office. For first timers, I look for acommittment to open process - and how they conduct their campaign.Third, I am an environmentalist and a fiscal conservative so Ilook for those qualities. But, these are third. With honesty andopeness, we citizens can bring government around to what we want.These qualities are rare. Very rare. We can only make the best choicebetween two candidates. Here are mine. - John Servais

Auditor'selection results online. - The official results of the Nov 9,1999 Whatcom County elections.

County Offices

Barry Bowen for council 3rd District, over Barbara Brenner

Harry Skinner for County Executive, over Pete Kremen

Shirley Forslof for Auditor, over Joe Elenbaas

Rodney Vandersypen for Port Commissioner, over Ginny Benton

Clarence Bob for council 2nd District, over Sam Crawford

Dale Brandland for Sheriff, over Ryan Stollwerck

Dan McShane for council 1st District, over Terry Unger

Bellingham Offices

Russ Weston for Mayor, over Mark Asmundson

John McGarrity for Finance Director, over Therese Holm

RB Porter for City Council, over Terry Bornemann

Reports and Opinions

Whatcom Watch Opinion Piece Smears Barry Bowen
Al Hanners believed some "reliable source" that duped Al into writing a smear piece on Barry Bowen.

Barry Bowen - Link to his web site
NWCitizen strongly endorses Barry Bowen over Barbara Brenner for the County Council.

Clarence Bob Sr. - Candidate for County Council
His web site is here at NWCitizen.

EOW Yard Sign Story Ignores The Facts Sep 20, 1999
The funny story about Russ Weston yard signs in a city park is funny - but not true.

Barbara Brenner is buying votes the old fashioned way . With taxpayer money.


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