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Brenner On Spending Spree
Mon, October 25

Election time, and Barbara Brenner is on a spending spree with thecounty credit card. She is promising every community she visitsmore spending without making proposals to pay for it.

Example 1: At the CCC forum Saturday night, she proposed thecounty SUBSIDIZE local farmers. What?! How much would this cost?How would it be paid for? Let's say there are only 100 active farmsin Whatcom County. Let's say for a subsidy to provide significanthelp, you average $1,000 each per month -- that's only $12,000 peryear and one wonders if even that amount would be helpful. 100 x$1,000 x 12 months -- $1.2 million each year. Wow!

Example 2: A satellite Sheriff's station for Sudden Valley,another for the foothills, dedicated officers for BirchBay -- you want it, you can have it. To staff these positionsaround the clock with an on-duty deputy is about $500,000 each, orabout $1.5 million each year. Wow.

It is nice that Barbara is waking up to the criminal justice needsof Whatcom County at election time, but remember two years she was"misleading and irresponsible", according to a local editorial, inthe way she demagouged this issue.

How is it councilwomen Brenner is going to pay for herelection-eve spending spree? She's not. These are more emptypromises -- irresponsible promises.

Folks, reject empty promises. Vote for Barry Bowen. Lets get areal representative in there.

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