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This is lie. What are you going to do about it?

The State Republican Party is pulling out all the stops to defeatfolks like Rep. Georgia Gardner. There is nothing wrong withcampaigning vigorously. There is plenty wrong with lies anddeliberate misinformation. If the GOP wants to make character avoting issue, then it has disqualified itself with a campaign oflies.

The question for you, the voter is, what are you going to do aboutit?

The Seattle PI responded quickly to tell the truth aboutthe Republican mailing (B1, 10-21-98), quoting Keith Love, Locke'sspokesperson, This mailing is "a typical late hit piece. GovernorLocke is not going to support a state income tax, not today, nottomorrow, not ever."

While Locke and Republican Governors supported an income tax inthe mid- and late-1980s as a way to make taxes more fair, Lockevigorously disavowed the income tax in recent years and said he wouldnever support an income tax while Governor.

To ignore all the evidence and tell people that Locke will pushfor an income tax, if people elect Democratic Senators, is to lie tothe people and to lie purposefully. This must be denounced.

If Republican voters in Whatcom County value honesty they willdemand local Republican candidates denounce their State Party for itsdishonesty. If local Republican candidates refuse to stand up for thetruth, then Republican voters who value honesty denounce thosecandidates publicly and vote against them November 3rd.

Just for the record. Representative Georgia Gardner sponsored40 tax cuts for working families, seniors, and small businesses.She voted for 50 others. She refused, however, to give a blank checkto Seattle big business and business lobbyists. And Georgia Gardnerdoes not advocate a State income tax.

This page written by Barry D. Bowen, The Bowen Group Inc. --

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