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Del Lowery came in third in the Primary Election for Mayor of Bellingham on September 19. He will not be on the ballot in November. Del has a written a thank you letter to all those who supported him in the primary.

We at NorthWest Citizen will keep Del's home page open through the general election so that you can check back here to get Del's take on the issues facing Bellingham this year. This may assist you in deciding how to vote in November.If you want to write a note to Del, you can click here and an email window will open for you.

Del Lowery is a candidate for Mayor of Belllingham. And he is posting his campaign information right here on the Internet. Citizens of Bellingham can access this information day or night - whenever it is convenient for you. As issues take fire during the campaign, you can learn Del's full position immediately right here.

You can read our campaign brochure at this web site. As the campaign progresses we will post updates here to issues.

Del answers the Bellingham Herald's questions that were put to all three mayoral candidates.

Del answers the Democratic Party's questions, also put to all three candidates.

Thanks for visiting. And remember to vote on Tuesday, September 19.

Del Lowery

Ted Askew, Campaign Manager
239 Terrace Place, Bellingham, WA 98225
Phone: (360) 738-2089
Fax: (360) 671-5404
Email: savestring@aol.com

You can write Del by sending him an electronic mail message. Ask him a question on an issue. Or tell him your opinion on an issue. Inform him of something you think he should know. Just click on his email address, savestring@aol.com , to open the mailing form.

This page updated September 22, 1995
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