Election 95 - WhatcomCounty

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We started our election coverage with the 1995 Primary inSeptember and the General in November. Only a few candidates had websites then. We will keep these campaign pages active as a referenceof what the candates said during the campaign - what promises weremade - what goals were espoused. Might come in handy on some issuesometime.

Election Results

We have posted official election results for Whatcom County forthe September 19 Primary. Hopefully, we'll have the November Generalresults soon - we hope. We at NorthWest Citizen will keep electionresults on permanent access for your future reference.

Pete Kremen won a landslide victory to become our CountyExecutive. Mark Asmundson became the mayor of Bellingham. GinnyBenton (no web page) was elected a Port Commissioner.

Both candidates for Whatcom County Executive have websites. Pete Kremen has his here at NWCitizen, while Bill Geyer is at another web site.

One candidate for Mayor of Bellingham, Mark Asmundson, has put up his home page. The home page for Del Lowery, who was a candidate for Mayor ofBellingham in the Primary election, is still posted. It includes athank you note from Del.

A candidate for Commissioner of the Port of Bellinghan, Shirley Leckman, has started her home page.She is a write-in candidate. Watch for her page to expand.

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