HB1448 - Bham Bay"Cleanup"

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HB1448 links for reading the documentsyourself.


Billas Kelli introduced it in January - here it is - introduced onjanuary 25.

Historyof the bill to today: This is a brief outline since Kelliintroduced the bill on January 25 to now. There will be no morehearings. It is now in the rules committee

Billas of April 1 - as it came out of the Senate natural resourcescommittee

Fullbill as it now exists - Senate committee report - excellentsummary

Thepage that lists the bill's history and versions - This has linksto all the above documents - this is the master list of links to theprogress of this bill.

Thehouse committee report - dated Feb. 19, this lengthy post detailsthe house hearing on the bill.
Notice that new City of Bellingham lobbyist, Dick Little, istestifying in favor. The Bellingham City Council never was given thechance to advise him on how he should lobby - despite the resolutionthat Mayor Mark wrote saying the council would.


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