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Angel Drayton and racist prosecution by city of Bellingham - August thru October, 2002
Angel is a black woman and the police harrased her and the city prosecuter her ove a dirty yard.

Public Hearing should be delayed so citizens can read proposal - June 21, 2002
Hearing is a charade if citizens cannot study and prepare for a hearing.

Tax Dollar Wastes - Sep 2000

Derek Stebner and his projects - September 1999
This developer has projects that upset most neighbors. We start looking at why.

WhatcomCreek Explosion - on June 10, 1999, Whatcom Creek, saturated with spilled gasoline from a pipeline rupture in Whatcom Falls Park, exploded.

HB1448 - The so called Bham Bay "cleanup" bill - links to legislative documents

Wiring Bellingham - March 99
Mayor Mark's plan to build a $20 million fiber network to every home and business in Bham.

Hoag's Pond - January 98
The corrupt little sweatheart land swap with a city administrator that blocks citizens from accessing a public pond.

Chuckanut Ridge
Our series on the attempt to build 1,464 apartments on a mere 51.5 acres next to a swamp.

Happy Valley
The updating of the Happy Valley Neighborhood Plan, the Barracks/Fire Station issue.


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