Hoag's Pond

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The most recent postings are at the top of the list.

Petitions need to be turned in this week - by Tuesday, January 20.See bottom of petition for instructions.

A short explanation of the issues. Posted Jan 17
Tip Johnson, organizer of the referendum petition drive, provides a concise overview.

Meeting held for Petition Drive. Posted Jan 15
A report on last Saturday's meeting at the Fairhaven Library.

Printable Petition for Referendum. Posted Jan 11
You can print this petition and collect signatures.

Printable new flyer explaining the issue. Posted Jan 10
You can print this on one sheet of paper. It is formatted for printing by you.

Printable Color Map of Hoag's Pond. Posted Jan 10
Color coding explains what the trade an street vacations are about. 60K in size.

A Chronology of Hoag's Pond events. Posted Jan 10
This is background information to help you better understand the issues.

Petition Drive Meeting on Saturday, Jan 10.
Plan to attend. We need volunteers to carry petitions.

Explanation of Petition for Referendum. Posted Jan 4, 1998
Read why we should have a Referendum to review this ordinance.

Is this corruption? Yes. Posted Dec 23
That is what we are saying. The Council members are dupes to a staff inside job.

Referendum to overturn Council vote. Posted Dec 23
Tip Johnson is starting a petition drive to allow citizens to vote on issue.

City Council gives away Hoag's Pond. Posted Dec 23, 1997
Council overrides the Mayor's veto. Future park is gone. Or, 6 tough guys on the school yard.

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