Hoag's Pond From theAir

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Posted - Monday, Feb 16, 1998

Tip Johnson drew in some lines on Jack Kintner'saerial photo of Hoag's Pond to show the streets and land swaps. Hopefully, this makes the land swap deal a bit more clear.

The narrow strip of private property Mr. Choat is trading to the city is rather useless swamp and brushy hillside that is not needed for any trail. In exchange he gets the prime wooded slopes overlooking the pond. As can be seen, this pond is set in a small valley, surrounded by small forested ridges.

The vacated portion of Broad Street is shown with 4 red dots. As can be seen, this effectively stops public access to the pond. Vacating a street that gives access to public water is against city and state laws. No matter, the city council did just that. As can also be seen, the pond is hardly a private little pond in the Choat's backyard as is claimed by his supporters. It is a lake that has had public access for 60 years.

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