Wiring Bham - TheContract

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Mayor plans to spend over $20 million to wirecity

This is the contract with the consultants out of San Francisco whoare preparing the report that will outline how and why the cityshould go into the "electronic highway" business in competition withthe private sector.

Not shown, is the City Ordinance #13606, first read June 22, 1998and final approval in July by a 7-0 vote of the city council, to fundthis study. Note: ordinance 13606 is missing from the city log ofpassed ordinances at the city web site.

Here is the cover page of the agreement. Below it are the twopages that describe what the actual report will be. Notice theunscientific surveys - labeled "will not be statistically valid" -which will be used to show why Bhamsters want to spend $23 million towire the city - a city already wired by the private sector.

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