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To photos # 1 through18 - the first group.

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 # 37 - Stark. Fried. Just fried black. The stream now seemsclean and pure. But, I'm an amateur. We need for our localnaturalists to be allowed down here. By chance I was allowedhere.








 # 38 - Myself taken by Thor. A record of my being here.Looking west, down stream.








# 39 - That fried shoreline again. I want to take this photo againeach July and see how it changes.








# 40 - Now what exactly is this? It looks to me like a pressurerelief valve for the Trans Mountain natural gas pipeline. What everit is, it got scorched - really torched. Was there any chance of theexplosion going down this to some other pipeline? This picture raisesquestions that we have a right to know the answer to.

Anybody know more about this?






# 41 - New fern sprouting up from the torched base plant. This isso beautiful to see.






# 42 - The temporary diesel powered water pumps that now supplysome of Bellingham's water.






# 43 - A wider view. The green tank is one of two large watertanks at the treatment plant.






# 44 - A closeup of the temporary diesel powered water pumps.






# 45 - The pumps draw water from the large green tank.






# 46 - Coming back to the water treatment plant, looking east. Thetrench for the new replacement pipeline is just this side of thebuilding, going from right to left.






# 47 - Looking along a road with parts stored along the side.Forget exactly where this is.






# 48 - The old culvert at Hannah Creek. This will be replaced.






# 49 - A worker digging out crushed rock from the location of theleak. Workers are preparing a new trench for the replacement pipe.The big scoop is just holding still, acting as a wheel barrow for theworker shoveling gravel into it.








# 50 - A wider view of the trench and the worker. This is where ithappened.








# 51 - A view from the concrete roadway that passes over thepipeline route. This plainly shows the new tranch being prepared forthe replacement pipeline. This picture looks south. The watertreatment plant is to my left about 50 feet. I don't know what thisgoofy looking pipe complex is in the foreground.







# 52 - A telephoto view of the trench. Yes, those are wiressnaking across the trench. That area where the leak occured was onebusy place with pipes and wires all over the place.








# 53 - Just for the record, hee is the water treatment plant. Thetrench is just to the right of the picture. This looks south.






# 54 - From same spot, looking to the right - towards the west.You can see the orange plastic fencing that surrounds the trench.






To photos # 1 through18 - the first group.

To photos # 19 through 36- the second group.

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