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Derek Stebner gets favors from cityinspectors
Thursday, Sep 29

Maybe you read the article in the Saturday, Sep 25 Herald - pageA3. Maybe reporter Kie Relyea had her story snipped by editors, maybeshe just didn't see what was happening in front of her. To read thestory, you would think that Stebner finally completed his apartmentand all was well.

In fact, at 4:30 pm on Friday, city building inspector supervisorPreston Burris gave an verbal - that is a verbal - occupation permitfor half of one building. The verbal permit is good for 15 days. Thebuilding was woefully short of being anywhere near city standards foroccupancy. Indeed, everyone around knew it. WWU administrators putpressure on city hall to give some sort of permission for students tomove in. Never mind the students safety. Never mind the law. Justget them in. The Herald won't report it.

The building site continues to be below occupancy code. Indeed, itis a construction zone. Tools everywhere. Unsafe parking lots.

There is another whole story about why the building is so late inbeing completed. I am working on getting those facts and hope to postthat story in about a week.

Stebner continues to get special treatment from city hall. Hisduplexes - all 11 or so - on 22nd street violate city codes but thecity - fully knowing of the violations - does nothing.

Gentle reader, you should know that with one word from Mayor Mark,such abuses by city staff would cease in an afternoon. It is alegitimate question to ask why Stebner gets such favored treatmentfrom city inspectors. If this issue upsets you, I urge you tocall the Mayor's office and your City Council representative andcomplain. Tell them you read of these abuses. They owe the citizenssome straight answers. Let me know if their answers - I would love toprint them.

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