Chuckanut Ridge Development

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Note of June 12, 2006
The text below the horizontal line - and the three reports linked below the text - were written and posted in October, 1996 - almost 9 years ago. Not a word is changed since then. Because of information provided below - and the hard work of several citizen activists - the development was quietly abandoned later in the winter of 1996.

Now, this summer of 2006, the Chuckanut Ridge development is again a headline controversy in Bellingham - and especially in Fairhaven. Finally Greenways is working behind the scenes to buy some or all of the development. It would be good if there were more openness in the activities of Greenways. While Greenways did some token things over the past 9 years in the area of the 100 acre woods, it did not insure that the area would not be abused with 10 story apartment buildings - as is now being proposed. What we could have bought for a reasonable price in the late 90s is now a very expensive proposal.

OK, this is an issue that really concerns us. A developer - Madrona - thinks they can put a small city - the size of Ferndale - into a 101 acre pocket of hills and swamps in Fairhaven. This issue is so absurd that it is, by its very existance, an example of how the system sometimes does not work. This plan should never have gotten this far. Everyone connected with this knows it should not be developed as planned.

After all is said and done - years from now - there may perhaps be a modest development here. Hopefully, Greenways will be able to purchase the 101 acres - or most of it - and keep it a pocket of green trees and swamps. But only if we citizens now work very hard with our valuable time and energy to stop or modify this crazy planned development. If only our governmnet agencies could function as advertised to protect us from absurd plans such as this one.

So - at this web site we will start to carry information on what is planned, what the alternatives are, what citizens are doing to stop this crazy plan and what others of us can to to help stop this crazy plan.

John Servais


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