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Thank you for visiting Whiner Net

Welcome back. I thank you for visiting Whiner Net - as it is called around Bellingham City Hall. Even the mayor has endorsed that name in our local government corridors. Seems they check the site ofte

Welcome back. I thank you for visiting Whiner Net - as it is called around Bellingham City Hall. Even the mayor has endorsed that name in our local government corridors. Seems they check the site ofte

Welcome back. I thank you for visiting Whiner Net - as it is called around Bellingham City Hall. Even the mayor has endorsed that name in our local government corridors. Seems they check the site often and don't like it. My my. Well, I do my best to post the news the Bellingham Herald ignores. Our local government employees don't know how lucky they are that there is so little real reporting in Bellingham.

Don Hansey, a long-time politician in Whatcom County, is thinking of running against Terry Borneman for Bellingham City Council - 5th Ward. Not mayor Mark's favorite choice for the city council. If elected, Don would not fall under the intimidating control of Mark as Terry has.

What is St Joseph Hospital and the State Department of Labor and Industries hiding? Seems the hospital has vented lethal gases directly into the construction areas since 2001 and exposed up to 200 workers - some for perhaps 13 months. The gas, ethylene oxide, causes cancer, attacks the brain and affects the central nervous system. On April 28 the workers were told there was no danger. On May 2 the vent pipe was extended to avoid the construction workers. This at a hospital. Yes, workers have come down with symptoms of health problems. This is one of those scenarios where in 20 years the workers will get cancer and be dying, the hospital will be off the hook and State L&I will have lost the records. Why this gas? It is used for cleaning surgical tools and was vented out the roof. Right where construction is going on. Herald report? Don't hold your breath.

Back to the lovely war in Iraq, the BBC reports the rescue of Jessica Lynch was staged for TV by American military forces. Yep, blanks in their weapons. Knowledge that the Iraqi forces had pulled out two days earlier - hell, they could have driven up to the hospital at high noon and picked her up. Actually it is worse than that. The Iraqi hospital staff had tried to drive Jessica to the American forces the day before but our trigger-happy soldiers opened fire on the hospital car - with Jessica in it. The Iraqis returned to the hospital. Wasn't it strange those guys had TV cameras with them for this dangerous rescue? All bogus. Don't expect the New York Times to cover this accurately. Nor the Bellingham Herald.

There. How is that for a bit of whining? Gawd, pesky citizens expecting government to do its job. Guess they want to waste our tax money in peace. I'm reminded of the British trying to insult the American revolutionaries in the 1770s by labeling them Yankee Doodle Dandies. We turned it into a proud label. Ahh, but the name is already taken. I'll stick with nwcitizen.

Oh - one last item. The mayor and his staff are bringing a tax-break proposal to the council on June 9 for convicted felon Rick Westerop and his project on State Street. The guy the mayor said he had never done any favors for. The mayor is in bed with this guy who helped launder millions in drug money. Don't expect any Herald coverage. Just Whiner Net.

Thank you for visiting Whiner Net

By John ServaisOn May 19, 2003

Welcome back. I thank you for visiting Whiner Net - as it is called around Bellingham City Hall. Even the mayor has endorsed that name in our local government corridors. Seems they check the site ofte

Brett Bonner has announced

By John ServaisOn May 15, 2003

he will run for Mayor of Bellingham. He has resigned his news job at a local radio station. At the end of his last broadcast this morning, the station ran his paid political ad. There will be a cam

False rumor; fiscal responsibility

By John ServaisOn May 14, 2003

One rumor proved false. Scott Walker will not run for mayor. He had heard the rumor also.

Not rumor is the fact that Port Commissioner Ginny Benton and her husband declared bankruptcy in Novemb

City Council support for Clean Water Alliance

By John ServaisOn May 13, 2003

The Bellingham City Council last night voted 5-2 to support the Clean Water Alliance legal action against Whatcom County’s designation of Sudden Valley as an Urban Growth Area (UGA). Grant Deger and B

Web site to check out

By John ServaisOn May 12, 2003

Waterfront Futures for Bellingham - nothing here. This is one of those processes t

Very first PFD meeting finally scheduled

By John ServaisOn May 12, 2003

The Bellingham City Council will finally hold its very first public hearing of the Public Facilities District (PFD) proposals next Monday, May 19, 7 pm at city hall. Really - the

I don’t have the resources the Herald has, and yet . . .

By John ServaisOn May 09, 2003

The Bham Herald admits sitting on - covering up - for months the headline story today about developer Rick Westerop being a Canadian felon and being barred from entry into the US. This was one of the

I know, it is not local stuff,

By John ServaisOn May 05, 2003

but too much fun to resist. Local coming - with a bang.

The Dixie Chicks played to their third sellout crowd last night. One person stood outside with a protest sign. One. A search of Google Ne

It is so sad to see the how small and vindictive

By John ServaisOn May 04, 2003

our government can be. Fox news isn’t telling you about how the US military will not allow a Belgium plane to fly to Iraq with medical equipment and medicines. Why? Oh, come on. Because Belgium oppose

Tis time to focus on local issues

By John ServaisOn May 01, 2003

Elections this fall could bring positive change to Whatcom County and Bellingham. In particular, we need a new Mayor and we need a new Port Commissioner. The challenge is not convincing the voters

The distortions continue

By John ServaisOn Apr 30, 2003

The American media are reporting the basics of the massacre of unarmed Iraqi civilians by our US Army two days ago. Finally. But they are using the lowest reported numbers - not the higher and more re

Casualty reports were fabricated by the US military

By John ServaisOn Apr 29, 2003

and the US news media cooperated in the big lie. As the war ended around mid April, the truth was revealed but you probably did not read it anywhere.. About April 9, the US wounded was listed a

What should we, who opposed the war, now think or feel?

By John ServaisOn Apr 09, 2003

I can write for myself.

We have liberated Iraq. Now we should work to allow them to rule themselves. We should turn their country over to them quickly. We don’t have to teach them anything.

Local news first today

By John ServaisOn Apr 08, 2003

Reliable rumor has it that local radio news guy, Brett Bonner, might run for mayor of Bellingham. If he does, then Mayor Mark is in deep trouble with his reelection bid. Brett knows the local i

I’m splitting up the contents of this blog

By John ServaisOn Apr 06, 2003

between local and national. Today, Local is down a bit.

Huge battle for Baghdad airport raging right now - yet our American “news” media are not reporting it. Our forces have been driven back f

War; anti-Canadian flyers, not geese

By John ServaisOn Apr 03, 2003

War. The rescue of Jessica was a very slick operation. Now we learn that she fought as a true soldier before her capture. This highly technical operation is what we do so well. We applaud the rescuers

Peace Events this week:

By John ServaisOn Apr 02, 2003

Fools for Peace: April 1 - Tuesday. Beginning at 4pm in Maritime Heritage Park. General foolishness. Costumes encouraged: Be Bush or a general, or Commander Wrongway Peachfuzz or whatever strik

At the Bellis Faire parking lot,

By John ServaisOn Apr 02, 2003

flyers are being put on windshields of cars with Canadian license plates that read: “We in America are disappointed in Canadians and your government. You are not welcome in America. Go back where you

The Bellingham Herald has been sold

By John ServaisOn Apr 01, 2003

to a group of local investors in Bellingham. Gannett Corporation will hold a press conference this afternoon in Alexandria, Virginia - Gannett headquarters - to announce this. The reason is unsure, bu

Freedom of the Press?

By John ServaisOn Mar 31, 2003

Our right to learn from different points of view what is happening? That is typically thrown out the window in war time and Americans are fed the official ‘rah rah we are winning and they are sneaky i

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