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Articles by Larry Horowitz

The thousand acre dilemma: Part 1

By Larry HorowitzOn Jul 20, 2008

As a community, we ‘hamsters absolutely love our parks. It’s too bad we’ll have significantly fewer to love in the future compared with the level city officials had [...]

Magnetism & the search for unlimited energy

By Larry HorowitzOn Jun 28, 2008

On March 26, 2002, the US Patent Office issued Patent No. 6,362,718 B1, potentially altering the entire paradigm in our quest for the holy grail of unlimited clean energy. British journalist Nick Cook, [...]

More government waste on the Horizon?

By Larry HorowitzOn Mar 01, 2008

You don’t need to be Nostradamus to make this prediction: Bellingham city officials are about to waste precious staff time and taxpayer resources preparing an environmental impact statement [...]

To vest or not to vest: Chuckanut Ridge & the CAO

By Larry HorowitzOn Feb 15, 2008

After an extended hiatus, the battle over Chuckanut Ridge has begun to heat up again. In one corner: landowners Horizon Bank and David Edelstein. In the other corner: thousands of [...]

An open letter to County Council re: B’ham UGA

By Larry HorowitzOn Jan 29, 2008

Dear County Councilmembers,Now that Bellingham has adopted a resolution signaling its desire to work with the County on the size of its UGA, the County has a tremendous opportunity [...]

Bjornson Inspired by Tacoma’s Growth Principles

By Larry HorowitzOn Jan 24, 2008

Can Bellingham learn a trick or two about managing growth from the City of Tacoma? Councilmember Louise Bjornson thinks so; and I’m inclined to agree. “I believe,” Louise remarks [...]

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