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Guest Writer is for over 100 articles contributed by individuals who are not writers or regular contributors. Their actual name and brief info about who they are is listed at the top or bottom of their articles.

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A Millennial Response to Deja Vu Article

By Guest WriterOn Nov 12, 2016

It scares me to think of the president of the United States turning this country into a police state. The idea of the ‘strong man, taking charge, making the correct [...]

Chapter 3: City Council Agenda Management

By Guest WriterOn Sep 10, 2016

Neighborhood organizations are a foundational piece of Bellingham’s community activism dating back to the late 1970s. Today, these groups are “ground zero” for improving our community’s collective quality [...]

Hiyu ferry for Lummi Island service - Explained

By Guest WriterOn Jul 12, 2016

By Jim Dickinson. I would like to thank Tip for writing such an excellent and realistic article. (See “Lummi Island Drawbridge” of June 25 by Tip Johnson.) As the Chair of [...]

Options High School: Great idea, wrong site

By Guest WriterOn Jun 06, 2016

Tim Paxton guest writes. Tim's testimony and evidence caused the Hearing Examiner to deny permits for Options HS last week. Tim knows of what he writes. We are all [...]

Breaking Free: A New Age Ghost Dance

By Guest WriterOn May 18, 2016

Jay Taber, a dedicated enviromental advocate, guest writes this critique of protest events, such as at the Anacortes oil refineries last weekend. This first posted on the Salish Sea Maritime [...]

Missing Options High School traffic study

By Guest WriterOn May 17, 2016

Patrick McKee, a leader in the Sunnyland Neighborhood, guest writes. Bellingham School District did not accurately answer questions contained in the Environmental Checklist submitted as part of their application to [...]

Fuller calls on Coast Guard to ‘stand on the right side of history’

By Guest WriterOn Mar 23, 2016

Rob Lewis guest writes this report. SEATTLE—During his March 17 appeal hearing, Matt Fuller delivered a detailed and unapologetic defense of his 22-hour occupation of the anchor chain on the [...]

Kremen & Weimer tell us of Clinton & Sanders

By Guest WriterOn Dec 29, 2015

Whatcom Citizen guest writes this and is a pseudonym for a few local writers whom we know and respect but who must remain anonymous. - - - Readers of this [...]

Whatcom Co.: Voting and Vote-Counting with Integrity

By Guest WriterOn Nov 08, 2015

This guest article is a group effort of the 15-year-old non-partisan “Whatcom Fair Voting” group. Comments to the article can be addressed to Marian Beddill. - - - - 

Trustworthy [...]

Dwindling Information Makes Voters Susceptible to Spin

By Guest WriterOn Oct 27, 2015

Whatcom Citizen guest writes this article and is a pseudonym for a local writer whom we know and respect. The writer must remain anonymous, and is not necessarily the same [...]

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