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About Juliette Daniels

Juliette is a licensed attorney in both Washington state and Texas. After spending 15 years working in litigation for two large Houston law firms, she moved to Bellingham in 2004 and eventually became interested in studying and writing about Whatcom County government and its criminal justice system. Juliette holds a BJ in communications and news journalism from the University of Texas at Austin; and a law degree from the University of Houston Law Center.

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Articles by Juliette Daniels

Part Five: The Illusion of Inclusion

By Juliette DanielsOn May 23, 2017

The County and HDR present a Draft Environmental Impact Statement with no consideration of already-owned County property in downtown Bellingham or of renovation/expansion of the County Jail On February 3, 2011, [...]

Part Four: The Illusion of Inclusion

By Juliette DanielsOn May 21, 2017

Whatcom County authorizes millions to be paid to jail industry consultant HDR to design and promote the County Executive’s and Sheriff’s plan for jail expansion On July 13, 2004 (four [...]

Part Three: The Illusion of Inclusion

By Juliette DanielsOn May 18, 2017

“Illusion of Inclusion” and the Rise of Jail Industry Consultants Over time and through multiple changes in the make-up of the County Council, Whatcom County elected officials have: (1) hand-picked jail [...]

Part Two: The Illusion of Inclusion

By Juliette DanielsOn May 16, 2017

Whatcom County Rejects Opportunity to be a Leader in Criminal Justice Reform The 2000 Whatcom County Law & Justice Council (LJC) Plan offered a way to address jail conditions with a [...]

Part One:  The Illusion of Inclusion

By Juliette DanielsOn May 13, 2017

Part One: The Illusion of Inclusion: How County-appointed Councils, Panels, Committees and Task Forces provided: (1) Cover for Executive decisions about crucial criminal justice issues; and (2) plausible deniability for the exclusion [...]

Introduction to the “Illusion of Inclusion”

By Juliette DanielsOn May 11, 2017

Across the nation local jurisdictions—where 40 percent of inmates are incarcerated—have recognized that increasing incarceration does not increase public safety. In fact, there are proven alternatives to incarceration that [...]

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