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About David Camp

David Camp is a cpa (Canada'86; USA'96) and MBA (Schulich'88) who toiled thirty years in the corporate salt mines, counting beans and telling stories to the auditors and whatnot. Now he spends his time growing trees; thinking curmudgeonly thoughts and occasionally shouting them into the intertubes; and maintaining body and soul through work and movement. A believer in discussion as key to civil life, he invites comment and argument.

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Articles by David Camp

How Rich or Poor Are You Relative to Others? A Global Calculator from the OECD

By David CampOn Aug 16, 2016

Via our friends at The Tyee in BC. A fun and educational game for the whole family – input your individual family size and income data, and see where you [...]

An Open Letter to U.S. Representative Rick Larsen

By David CampOn Apr 26, 2016

In Washington state we have pioneered, thanks to vigorous and politically-active citizens and a robust citizen initiative process, the re-legalization of cannabis. Voters overwhelmingly approved - 59% yea to 41% nay - [...]

Potential Oil Exports From Cherry Point—Something else to put on your radar

By David CampOn Mar 09, 2016

The Portland-Montreal pipeline was opened in 1941 to carry mostly Venezuelan crude offloaded from freighters in South Portland, Maine, to refineries in Montreal. Portland was chosen because it is a year-round [...]

Just Say No - to the Incarceration-Industrial Complex

By David CampOn Oct 02, 2015

Key data to help you make your decision on the county’s proposal to borrow $97 million to build a new jail: Amount borrowed: $ 97,000,000 Annual Interest Cost: $ 4,850,000 (Based on 5% coupon) Total [...]

Drought Tree Emergency!

By David CampOn Jul 02, 2015

Drought Tree Emergency! Drought Tree Emergency! I just finished my neighborhood rounds and want to raise the alarm: TREES ARE DYING DUE TO THE DROUGHT! Especially the trees recently planted [...]

Proposed New County Lockup - Financial Analysis

By David CampOn Jun 22, 2015

The Whatcom County administration, working with the Sheriff’s department (which is responsible to run the county lock-up) has proposed to spend $121.5 million to build a new jail in [...]

Federal Helicopters Overhead 24-7: Do You Feel More Secure?

By David CampOn Sep 19, 2011

Besides being a taxing authority with a public mandate to provide access to its facilities for all, the Port of Bellingham is a commercial operation which leases land, buildings, dockage, [...]

Impeach Clarence Thomas: Defund and De-federalize

By David CampOn Feb 19, 2011

The Supreme Court is the highest arbiter of the law in the nation, the final defence for the highest law of the land, the Constitution. Supreme Court justices are selected [...]

Port Knocker Notes

By David CampOn Dec 19, 2010

By Dave Camp - Reprinted from the current edition of the Whatcom Watch. I’m sitting here at the Port Commissioners’ meeting as they chew over the budget [...]

Re-Legalize Cannabis and End an Un-American Prohibition

By David CampOn May 23, 2010

Note: Guest Writer Dave Camp is a frequent commenter at NWCitizen and is working on I -1068. I’m sitting in a chill wind on the corner as people [...]

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