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About David Camp

David Camp is a cpa (Canada'86; USA'96) and MBA (Schulich'88) who toiled thirty years in the corporate salt mines, counting beans and telling stories to the auditors and whatnot. Now he spends his time growing trees; thinking curmudgeonly thoughts and occasionally shouting them into the intertubes; and maintaining body and soul through work and movement. A believer in discussion as key to civil life, he invites comment and argument.

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Articles by David Camp

Why all the Hyperventilating Over Granny Flats?

By David CampOn Jan 16, 2018

Under current zoning laws, Bellingham homeowners are permitted to build Attached Accessory Dwelling Units (AADU’s) in their yards. The unit must be connected with a wall and a common [...]

The Jail Dog That Didn’t Bark

By David CampOn Oct 24, 2017

We’ve been very vocal on this site on the subject of the proposed Jail Tax - Proposition 2017-6. Attorney Juliette Daniels has written fourteen (!) excellent in-depth articles which I [...]

Want to Bankrupt Whatcom County?  Vote Yes on the Jail Tax.

By David CampOn Sep 11, 2017

Key data: Here are the numbers to help you make your decision on the county’s proposal to borrow $110 million to build a new jail: Amount borrowed: $ 110,000,000 Annual Interest Cost: $ 4,950,000 ([...]

Breaking News: City Replaces Basketball Hoop in Franklin Park

By David CampOn Feb 21, 2017

Your intrepid reporter, roving around town as is his wont and habit, has news for yous: the basketball hoop in Franklin Park, absent all these eight (!) months since run over [...]

Senators Murray and Cantwell Work for the Pharma Cartel, Not For You

By David CampOn Jan 17, 2017

In case you were distracted by the war between the spooks over who won the Presidential election, you may have missed a salutary action by our esteemed Washington State Senators [...]

City of B’ham Should not be Incinerating Sewage Sludge

By David CampOn Jan 03, 2017

I’m hitting the ground early with my entry to the Most Boring Headline of 2017 Sweepstakes. Or hiding perhaps some gem of wisdom under a pile of dross and ordure. [...]

Obamacare on the Block - What will Trumpcare look like?

By David CampOn Nov 16, 2016

President Obama’s signature accomplishment, the corporatist version of universal healthcare, is going to be “repealed and replaced” under the Trump administration. Obamacare, aka Romneycare, is already a Neocon plan- [...]

Blackberry: Half Plant, Half Critter, Half Devil

By David CampOn Aug 15, 2017

​This is a battle report. A battle against an enemy which is certainly unbeatable except within a localized zone of control. According to WIkipedia, the Himalayan blackberry, rubus armenaicus, is [...]

Breaking News: New Hoop Installed in Harriet Spanel Park

By David CampOn May 16, 2017

​Cause for celebration in some quarters - the City installed the replacement basketball hoop in Harriet Spanel Park today to replace the one taken out by a medically-impaired driver last [...]

Student Loan Default Rates at Historic High

By David CampOn Apr 10, 2017

The Financial Times has an excellent article about student debt (it is behind a pay wall - for those of you like me who don’t subscribe here is an [...]

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