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Vince Biciunas

Commenter • Member since Apr 12, 2008

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"As a CCFPD commissioner, I’d like to clarify that only two CCFPD commissioners met with James King to walk the proposed bike route through the forest, since more than [...]

May 08, 2015 on
Updated: Ski to Sea Tries to Bully Bellingham

"Robyn was a role model for us all, on how to get things done, with love. She was our Baykeeper, head of Re-Sources, and advocate for the waterfront clean up [...]

Mar 12, 2015 on
Robyn du Pre` Has Passed On

"Scott, You’re all wet. There will not be dire consequences. Life will move along, and renters will be safer.

Dec 16, 2014 on
Council Moving Rapidly on Rental Registration and Inspections

"Thank YOU, Dick, for moving this vote on, and on, and on. It was a herculean effort, and I am so pleased at your success.

Dec 16, 2014 on
Bellingham City Council Approves Rental Inspections

"Larry, Thanks for speaking out. The truth is important. And I agree with you. It’s a false pressure to infill always and everywhere. And you are not a minority, [...]

Aug 19, 2012 on
A minority of one: An open letter to my fellow Bellingham residents
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