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Doug Karlberg

Contributor • Belingham • Member since Apr 08, 2008

Doug has been a fisherman for over four decades, working out of Bellingham and Alaska. He focuses his civic energy on Port of Bellingham - on their policies and practices. He has run for Port Commissioner.

Articles by Doug Karlberg

Doug Karlberg Writes Against Robbins

By Doug KarlbergOn Oct 26, 2017

Publisher note: Doug intended this as a comment below my article in favor of Robbins, but this deserves to be an article on its own. - John Servais The largest [...]

Recent comments

"Wow, hot topic. What I see that all these great minds other than David are missing, is a solution for the affordable housing crisis. Easy to criticize David, but at [...]

Jan 18, 2018 on
Why all the Hyperventilating Over Granny Flats?

"This move by County Council seems to be all about one party trying to game the system to stay in power, and little about the citizens needs. I wish the [...]

Nov 23, 2017 on
District-only dead? Whatcom council to weigh return to countywide vote

"I have to go to work, but I will lay out some compelling reasons to vote for Michael Shepard. I think John is wrong on this and I will write [...]

Oct 24, 2017 on
Dan Robbins gets my vote for Port Commissioner

"Thanks David. I think the CFO for the Couty shoud come on this site a provide us with a critique of your analysis. Are your facts correct, and your analysis [...]

Sep 12, 2017 on
Want to Bankrupt Whatcom County? Vote Yes on the Jail Tax.

"David, thank you for your excellant work. You have done the taxpayers an incredible favor. You have experiance with this type of finacial analysis, so I have a question. Why [...]

Sep 11, 2017 on
Want to Bankrupt Whatcom County? Vote Yes on the Jail Tax.
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