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John Lesow

Writer • Member since Mar 21, 2008

Articles by John Lesow

Managing High Risk Sexual Offenders—A Canadian Approach

By John LesowOn Nov 17, 2017

Long before the recent—and continuing—revelations in the entertainment and political arenas, sexual offending was regarded as one of the most prominent social pathologies. Amid the recent flurry of [...]

Court: No Radio Towers in Point Roberts

By John LesowOn Oct 08, 2015

A landmark ruling for justice and common sense in this David and Goliath battle, now in it's third year, was handed down on Wednesday, October 7. The judge's ruling [...]

Electromagnetic Radiation: Who’s Looking Out for You?

By John LesowOn Jul 14, 2015

Last month, a Superior Court judge in Montreal, Quebec, ordered three Canadian tobacco companies to pay over $15 billion in damages to Quebec smokers. The judgment was the largest in Canadian [...]

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Recent comments

"David, I lived in Portland for 10 years—from 1970 til 1980.  Worked, went to school and raised a family.   Also active in a citizen’s movement under [...]

Jan 18, 2018 on
Why all the Hyperventilating Over Granny Flats?

"David, The traffic congestion, unaffordability and decline in quality life in Vancouver and Surrey are a direct result of bad government policy,  lax code enforcement and irresponsible land use [...]

Jan 17, 2018 on
Why all the Hyperventilating Over Granny Flats?

"David—as a fellow Canadian, you can appreciate, likely more than most, the experience of Vancouver and Surrey, B.C. and their failure to address “affordability”.   Vancouver’s [...]

Jan 16, 2018 on
Why all the Hyperventilating Over Granny Flats?

"Why don’t you send both articles,  yours and Charlie’s,  to each candidate, including Timothy Ballew, and ask their opinion if the article is “racist&[...]

Jan 15, 2018 on
Racism Is Still With Us In Whatcom County
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