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Steve Harris

Commenter • Member since May 25, 2017

Steve lives in Bellingham and has been a local law enforcement officer for nearly 20 years. He stays involved in his community and keeps himself informed about issues facing the residents and visitors of Whatcom Co.

Steve Harris online:

Recent comments

"Elisabeth, thanks for the update, MANY people were curious about what actually was signed by the Gov.

Jan 19, 2018 on
Gov Inslee Signs Rural Water Fix Legislation

"Quite frankly, the SCOTUS rulings on what is a “right” vs. what is a “privilege” has rendered the actual words of the Declaration of Independence almost [...]

Oct 09, 2017 on
I lowered the flag today...

"Although it doesn’t end the National debate on the 2nd Amendment to the US Constituition, our own WA State Constitution should end the needless debate here in our home [...]

Oct 09, 2017 on
I lowered the flag today...

"Definitely the most comprehensive series of articles I’ve read on the topic.  Well Done!  I do need to make a correction though; the 1997 jail tax proposal placed [...]

May 30, 2017 on
Part Six: Introducing the "Need for Speed" in the Illusion of Inclusion
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