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James Colter

Commenter • Member since Mar 15, 2017

My working life as a small business owner revolved around construction services and technology for many years. After re-locating to Blaine, WA in 2009 and seeing their Peace Arch State Park; I recognized an opportunity to organize a music festival and picnic that celebrates family and our active duty hero’s in uniform. Oh Yeah ... you can count on my sense of humor to put a smile on your face; quick wit, a little irreverent, sarcastic but not to the extreme, mostly appropriate in mixed company.

James Colter online:

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"As a former Home Inspector (Michigan) and Home Builder (Virginia) I can say with relative certainty (lacking hands on inspection) the above home/slum-unit is covered with siding which includes [...]

Jul 15, 2017 on
Time to Audit Private Rental Inspections - Part II

"Just another impotent move when suggesting that City Council amends anything. They seem reticent at best to do their job(s). What makes you believe they will amend that which &[...]

Jul 15, 2017 on
Time to Audit Private Rental Inspections - Part II

"First: we do not have American Justice ... see that gold fringed flag ... Admiralty Law! i.e. Law of the high Seas! Next: the person in the black robe ... not a [...]

Jul 15, 2017 on
Both Councils Ignore Jail Studies
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