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David McCluskey

Commenter • Member since Nov 01, 2015

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"The fire happened in the kitchen. Most of the time this is a Tenant issue. Its really disgusting how this page wants to point fingers when the cause of the [...]

Oct 08, 2017 on
Fire on Jersey St. - An Investigation

"It’s always good to get the complete story. http://kgmi.com/news/007700-new-info-on-death-of-worker-at-sumas-farm-contradicts-earlier-statements/#sthash.BMUOtT4G.gbpl    

Aug 11, 2017 on
What is with the Herald?

"I’m confused?  I thought you liberals were pro-environment and anti-oil?  Seems that  if a fellow liberal is involved though,  there is no need to [...]

Jun 01, 2017 on
Smear Campaign

"Another Fire cause by Renters. Can we get a Renter Registration program? http://www.bellinghamherald.com/news/local/article106825332.html

Oct 08, 2016 on
The War Has Just Begun

"Dick,  A CO detector has nothing to do with fires.  Also a coach up against a heater is not the fault of the landlord. Where is the tenant [...]

Sep 30, 2016 on
The War Has Just Begun
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