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Jon Shaughnessy

Commenter • Member since Oct 18, 2015

Retired teacher/resume writer, aka "Irish Red" on a Facebook Page I never check. A friend asked me to read "a series of articles" about the Jail question written by Juliette Daniels. I figured "OK, three articles". No, more like two pages just to list everything she's written on this topic since 5/17/17.
So I will try to read them all this weekend, as promised, but I only got this far hoping to "talk" to JD about the concept of reversing the initiative process in 2019 by placing a positive measure to earmark funds to bring the "old jail" up to speed for this century and bar any spending of County funds on a "new jail" anywhere in Whatcom County.
I'll go into more details if asked and fully support the semi-annual defeat of the "higher taxes for a Big New Jail" that wastes tax money on printing and then counting the ballots every two years.
I am a homeowner, so I know the difference between improving my home and demolishing or abandoning it so I can build a big new house somewhere in the County. It's called "wasting my money while expanding my carbon footprint".
Whenever anyone scoffs at the intelligence of the average voter please remember how often we voters have scoffed at this dumb idea of raising our taxes to fix a very routine "problem" called "building maintenance and rehabilitation".
I have also survived a few earthquakes so I understand the relatively quick and cheap EQ retrofits that new EQ data [post quake] require of wise building owners.
Now I'm going to go read that series JD wrote.

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