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Dianne Foster

Commenter • Member since Jul 10, 2015

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"Thank-you Dick, for your (as usual) perceptive insights.   Some days it feels like we’re in an uphill battle against the development growth industry, and that the public [...]

Feb 02, 2018 on
On Loss of Trust, Broken Process, and Failed Commitments in Bellingham

"Thanks again Dick for your astute observations.   What I find interesting in America is the habit of tearing out all old houses , buildings and green spaces,   [...]

Dec 15, 2017 on
City's First Step to Rezone/Upzone Single Family Neighborhoods

"Thank-you Dick for clarifying what the issues are really- -   behind the facade of “affordability” and “equity”.   It seems if we apply the question “who benefits” to [...]

Dec 08, 2017 on
City's First Step to Rezone/Upzone Single Family Neighborhoods

"Thanks, Doug!  The only place I disagree is that Ken Bell has integrity - he has a history of dishonest practices in his “recycle” business,  and doesn’[...]

Oct 27, 2017 on
Doug Karlberg Writes Against Robbins

"The inspections are a joke,  and the city is the one with the official inspection department,  and the only ones we as citizens can lobby.   &[...]

Oct 25, 2017 on
Fire on Jersey St. - An Investigation - Part II
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