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David MacLeod

Commenter • Member since Jan 28, 2008

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"Jon, thank you for spearheading this important work! “What we really need to ask ourselves is who do we want to provide those services and who do we want to [...]

Dec 21, 2017 on
Public Internet Fiber for Bellingham: A Local Answer to Net Neutrality Loss

"Thanks for the report Ralph, much appreciated! One slight correction. You noted that play props were moved “so everyone could fit.”  However, not everyone did fit. Many people were [...]

Mar 04, 2017 on
Ericksen faces his detractors at town hall

"Great news!!!

May 09, 2016 on
No Coal Terminal at Cherry Point - Final

"Donald Trump is admired as one who “tells it like it is” (or at least as he thinks it is, or how he thinks his audience wants to hear how [...]

May 08, 2016 on
Boring, predictable Trump plays to conservative Lynden crowd

"Thank you Dick for sharing this important story. There’s also a nice 30 minute video interview with Chris Brown, Chris Wolf, and a number of the other heroes involved with [...]

Nov 03, 2015 on
Growing Veterans
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