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Gene Knutson

Commenter • Member since Nov 24, 2010

Recent comments

"As a member of the city council let me respond to Mr. Rostron’s comment. Just ask developers in this city do we work for them, you will get a [...]

Sep 10, 2014 on
Who Will Be Appointed to Lehman's City Council Seat?

"City Hall doesn’t fight fair, well paid staff, unprecedented steps, are very sad words Patrick. I do agree that you and your group got a raw deal from the [...]

Aug 22, 2014 on
You can't fight city hall: city hall doesn't fight fair

"Let me start out saying how unhappy i am with myself for getting angry last night. I have been around long enough for that not to happen and for that [...]

Jul 02, 2013 on
Greenways Levy Money Used for AstroTurf

"I want to make it clear that the action the council took last night does not affect the Sunnyland Neighbors request to docket there plan at all.That will be [...]

Aug 02, 2011 on
Sunnyland Neighbors are Target of City Council

"Congratulations Bryna & Riley: The best to both of you, And Bryna if you need help being married to a political junkie call my wife Jan she has fifteen years [...]

Jun 29, 2011 on
The Political Junkie is now a married man
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