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Dick Conoboy

Writer • Member since Jan 26, 2008

Dick Conoboy is a recovering civilian federal worker and military officer who was offered and accepted an all-expense paid, one year trip to Vietnam in 1968. He is a former Army Foreign Area Specialist for Western Europe and Southeast Asia, counter-terrorism intelligence analyst and information/security manager at the Defense Department. Dick also worked as a resource manager at various government offices to include then VP Al Gore’s National Partnership for Re-inventing Government, now recognized as having been a shamefully neo-liberal “think tank”. He speaks fluent French and a passable English learned through many years of elementary school experience diagramming sentences. Dick owes his writing ability to consuming large amounts of chemical laden and fried fresh water pike and perch fished from Lake Erie in the 40s and 50s near his native Cleveland whose Cuyahoga River regularly catches on fire.

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Articles by Dick Conoboy

On Loss of Trust, Broken Process, and Failed Commitments in Bellingham

By Dick ConoboyOn Feb 01, 2018

There are several continuing and grave concerns regarding the Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Ordinance update process that I initially wrote about last December in a piece entitled “City’s First [...]

“Yes You CAN Fight City Hall: Lessons Learned From Seattle”

By Dick ConoboyOn Jan 04, 2018

[NOTE! As of Jan 9 @ 9am, there are only 11 seats remaining for BNC’s January 11th event with Marty Kaplan. If you’re planning to attend, please reserve your seats now. [...]

City’s First Step to Rezone/Upzone Single Family Neighborhoods

By Dick ConoboyOn Dec 07, 2017

The public process for amending the accessory dwelling unit (ADU) ordinance has been compromised by poor planning and lack of transparency in notifying the public. The city canceled a public [...]

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Recent comments

"Jon, This is excellent reporting.  Thank you very much.  I especially like the Rube Goldberg drawing, a sure testament to the true state of the problem.   [...]

Feb 15, 2018 on
COB Broadband Back To The 80s

"Jon, I agree.  You might want to read the following article by Paul Street who speaks to the issues you raised on a national level but whose effect trickle [...]

Feb 14, 2018 on
On Loss of Trust, Broken Process, and Failed Commitments in Bellingham

" “Rigorously” perhaps?  Could have been that nasty machine correction.  

Feb 05, 2018 on
On Loss of Trust, Broken Process, and Failed Commitments in Bellingham

"John, That is a very badly photo-shoped image of Trudeau that is making its rounds on Reddit, Twitter, et. al.  Thought you might want to know.  Not sure [...]

Feb 05, 2018 on
Justin Trudeau's Slippery Slide

" In the event that there are still folks out there that do not understand my taking on the YIMBY crowd, there is this from California: Excerpt: “The Yimbys and [...]

Jan 26, 2018 on
YIMBY Leader Scherrer Receives Realtor Award - What Significance for the City?
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