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David Stalheim

NO MAIL - Deactivated • Member since Aug 21, 2010

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"I hope that people review the City’s “Feasibility Analysis Report” on TDRs and PDRs that was completed just four years ago on this subject. http://www.cob.org/government/[...]

Feb 05, 2013 on
The Big Picture on Chuckanut Ridge

"Larry, In Bellingham, 43% of the families earn less than $50,000 per year.  The city has a lot of young people, a large share of the older population, a lot of [...]

Apr 09, 2012 on
Questions about Population Growth

"Larry, And you thought no one would speak up.  A recap of Whatcom County growth projections from the last three rounds:  1997 plan projected Whatcom County to be 220,336 people [...]

Apr 08, 2012 on
Questions about Population Growth

"What rural areas did Whatcom County downzone that doesn’t have a vested application still sitting in the vaults of PDS?  Whatcom County took the previous plans, tied a [...]

Apr 03, 2012 on
Questions about Population Growth

"Hmmm…. my favorite expression.  Controlling population at a local level is clearly not possible.  People will move to this area for a variety of reasons, whether it is [...]

Apr 03, 2012 on
Questions about Population Growth
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