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Kamalla R. Kaur

NO MAIL - Deactivated • Member since May 28, 2009

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"A simple list of Dr. Robert Keller’s classes, research projects, activisms, publications, organization he started, speeches given, trips he took, and articles he wrote, would run for pages.&[...]

Feb 27, 2017 on
Bob Keller has passed on.

"An excerpt from David’s 1990 schuloper: TITLE: BLUE BAROQUE Subtitle: or, It’s probably worse than you think. Keywords: entropy, future, change Author and affiliation: David. T. Mason, Fairhaven College, [...]

Mar 23, 2015 on
The Last Lessons of Dr. David T. Mason

"Edradine Hovde has volunteered at Gettysburg National Military Park these last two summers. Due to her activism, Pickett’s second family, the Pig War, and the existence of Bellingham’s [...]

Jan 28, 2015 on
The Pickett House Museum

"“...a hard drinking, hard gambling, charismatic and socially adept Southern gentleman” does not contradict, but in fact may predict “He was a blustering fool and hated by many in the [...]

Jan 26, 2015 on
The Pickett House Museum

"Happy Soltice with lunar eclipse tonight!

Dec 20, 2010 on
From a Political Junkie: Welcome the Winter Solstice
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