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Michael Chiavario

Contributor • Member since Feb 08, 2009

Articles by Michael Chiavario

Whatcom County Government Employees Need Grievance System

By Michael ChiavarioOn Oct 21, 2016

Michael Chiavario writes about our county parks department. Michael has lived in Bellingham since 1968. He retired from his job at Whatcom County Parks after 20 years of service in 2015. Note: On [...]

Recent comments

"Anne there is a difference between ‘shedding light’ and slinging mud. If one wants ones side of a community dialogue to maintain credibility, mudslinging is not the way to do [...]

Jan 23, 2018 on
YIMBY Leader Scherrer Receives Realtor Award - What Significance for the City?

"Dick and Larry, The sky is falling! The Sky is Falling! Evil social justice warriors are conspiring to kill us all! I must leave town! Please somebody buy my house! [...]

Jan 23, 2018 on
Murphy to Lead Bellingham City Council

"Dick, you say in your article that DADU’s are all about short term rentals and absentee landlords getting a new way to make money off of our neighborhoods. The [...]

Jan 23, 2018 on
YIMBY Leader Scherrer Receives Realtor Award - What Significance for the City?

"I am in agreeent with you on this one, Dick(except for  the ADU part) Short term rentals should be severely limited. I especially liked your use of the [...]

Jan 09, 2018 on
Cognitive Dissonance Я Us: Meet the Planning Commission

"Dick, I completely agree with your points on housing. I  read your referenced piece when you published it in February and commented at the time. Looks like our positions [...]

Sep 30, 2017 on
Myths Around Affordable Housing in Bellingham
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