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Nicholas Zaferatos

Commenter • Member since Feb 07, 2009

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"Thanks for your comment, David. You know well better than most of us the conditions in the county. This is precisely why I suggest the city develop a TDR system [...]

Feb 06, 2013 on
The Big Picture on Chuckanut Ridge

"Some very intriguing and informative dialogue is ensuing. Tip, I know of no other that has so thoroughly researched our public policy history, as you continue to unveil the “not-so-in-the-public-interest” [...]

Feb 04, 2013 on
The Big Picture on Chuckanut Ridge

"Thanks for your reply, Alex, you did a fine job summarizing my main points.  In addition, you suggest that some amount of infill development at an appropriate scale that [...]

Feb 04, 2013 on
The Big Picture on Chuckanut Ridge

"In response to your comment, Steve, where you specifically call out several previous contributors, including myself, let me start by paraphrasing a dangerous maxim, “If you’re not part of [[...]

Feb 01, 2013 on
Former Park Directors Against Park District Proposal

"I liked Bill’s story… the story suggests a very reasonable path forward. It’s time to rethink our “free gifting” of increased property values every time the city rezones [...]

Jan 30, 2013 on
Wise Owl Knows What to Do
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