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Northwest Citizen

Site Admin • Member since Jan 10, 2008

We use Northwest Citizen as the author when an article is a special from a guest who is not a writer nor a contributor. - John Servais, publisher

Articles by Northwest Citizen

Who has the right of way at I-5 exit 250?

By Northwest CitizenOn Aug 07, 2017

Publisher note: This appeared in today’s Bellingham Herald. This addresses a hot issue for southside Bellingham vehicle drivers. A phone call to Doug Dahl gained us permission to also [...]

Dentist Dr. Jonathan Henry

By Northwest CitizenOn Jan 04, 2018

Yearly reader support donation for Northwest Citizen

By Northwest CitizenOn May 21, 2017

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Recent comments

"What Dave is so politely referring to is Bill’s purchase of his sailboat from the funds the city of Bellingham paid him.  In October 1971, Bill and I were [...]

Jan 28, 2011 on
Dr. Bill Servais

"Dave Eastman, who left Bellingham in the early 1980s, sailed with Bill.  He posted this story, which local sailors will enjoy.  It is true Bill.  However, while [...]

Jan 28, 2011 on
Dr. Bill Servais

"Ham’s mini experiment with low energy lightbulbs and how well the use of them balances on with environment, economic and social measurements is a very illustrative of how Triple [...]

Feb 22, 2008 on
What you can't see, won't kill ya - a lesson in TBL

"The author of the opinion piece is Jonathan Chait.  He in named in what I haphazardly thought was the last paragraph.  Thanks to two readers.

Jan 26, 2008 on
The Clintons: I suddenly have a problem
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