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Senator Bob Hasegawa to Speak to City Council on Public Banking - 16 December

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Update, Dec 12: Sen. Hasegawa will speak at the afternoon city council session at 1:25 pm, next Monday, Dec 16. This is open to the public.


As he did before the Bellingham City Club and the Whatcom County Council, Sen Bob Hasegawa (11lth Senate District in Seattle) will speak to the Bellingham City Council on December 16th about the advantages of Public Banking. Senator Hasegawa is a long-time champion of public banks, the creation of which will allow the state, cities and counties to deposit revenues in a bank owned and operated by the government and not the private sector. Investment returns from public banking will accrue to the citizens where it will be reinvested or loaned out to benefit the public and not to enrich the already wealthy bankers.

I have written several articles about the advantages of public banking and the necessity of protecting government revenues in this time of financial instablity. Those pieces can be found at the end of this article.

It is not clear at this moment at which venue of the city council (committee meeting or regular session) he will speak, however, you can consult the city’s website on or about December 12th for details that can be found here. Click on the tab: Upcoming Meetings.

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