Second Water Main Break on Donovan in a Year

Mains a’ bursting - Avast!

Mains a’ bursting - Avast!

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A water main broke on Donovan Avenue for the second time in a year.  The rupture occurred just west of 20th this evening at dusk.  Water was deep enough to get my feet wet riding through the intersection of 21st and Wilson.  A house on the SE corner of 20th and Donovan had a waterfall.  Water ran downhill every which way, trending toward Padden Creek.  Much of it went straight down 20th, through the Strider Construction staging to enter the Padden Daylighting work area.  Several houses were potentially compromised, but dark fell too late to see how Sully fared.  The Fire Department was first to arrive and set hoses to try and divert volume away from houses and into the creek.  The constabulary arrived later and access became more restrictive with reports that the roadway of Donovan was commencing to buckle.  Between that and the work required, Donovan should probably be avoided tomorrow.

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