Say Nein to Uber

Uber has started a new type of public taxi service in many cities, including Bellingham. It is controversial.

Uber has started a new type of public taxi service in many cities, including Bellingham. It is controversial.


Last September during focus groups on the Comp Plan update the notion of the use of Uber (among other options) in our transportation plans was brought up by the Planning Director, Rick Sepler. Further discussion of possibly meshing Uber with our transportation planning ought to get the jaundiced eye. Like Amazon, Uber undercuts the competition with low prices until the competition is eliminated or no longer viable because there is a huge cash backing. Consider this from the Guardian: Excerpt: "An obvious but rarely asked question is: whose cash is Uber burning? With investors like Google, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Goldman Sachs behind it, Uber is a perfect example of a company whose global expansion has been facilitated by the inability of governments to tax profits made by hi-tech and financial giants." Sooner or later prices will rise while drivers are squeezed in terms of pay or hours. Read the entire Guardian piece "Cheap cab ride? You must have missed Uber’s true cost." here.

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Marian Beddill

Feb 01, 2016

I continue to favor a downtown circular-shuttle bus system which I have seen and used in other nations. This brings a major improvement to parking and traffic downtown, and increased service to areas in/near the city center, which have limited parking and limited ordinary-bus lines.

It can be debatable, how to charge for a ride on the loop shuttle - perhaps even including no charge.


Dick Conoboy

Feb 03, 2016


In any case, I know of no ground transportation system that can operate on fares alone.  State intervention in the form of a public rail/bus/trolley system backed by the taxpayer, citizens and corporations alike. Unless, of course, you revert to slave wages.

This may be informative:


Jim Kyle

Feb 03, 2016

The question before the Port Commission Tues. Feb. 2nd was whether the Port should permit Uber to operate at Bellingham International Airport for a one year trial period.  The public comment period was extended to permit testimony from both Uber and local cab company representatives.  It turned into a spirited and fascinating debate with all the global issues playing out at the local level.  The Commission approved the one-year agreement 2-1.  You can access the video of the meeting at

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