Letter: Supporting Ferndale School Levy

Satpal Sidhu supports Ferndale School Levy

Satpal Sidhu supports Ferndale School Levy

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I would like to share my support for the Ferndale School District request to voters to pass the operations levy on November 3. The District has already lowered the levy rate from $2.50 to $1.50 after residents turned down the last levy. The Bond issue approved last year was to build new facilities. This current levy directly supports student education programs and technology upgrades to stay competitive with other students in neighboring communities. Operations levies are critical to maintain essential services like school nurses, counselors and psychologists, and provide access to current technology for student success. It is important for Ferndale students to be fully prepared for post-secondary education and jobs in this competitive world. Ferndale has already made deep budget cuts and has suffered because of the Alcoa shutdown.

Over the past 30 years, I have served on school levy committees for Meridian and Lynden school districts. I know how dependent our school operations are on local funding. In my view, this is the best investment any community can make in their own kids’ education and secure future. I would recommend that residents of Ferndale give serious consideration to passing the levy on November 3rd.

Satpal S. Sidhu, Whatcom County Executive

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