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Housing Forum on Wednesday, Sep 14

By On
• In Bellingham,

Housing concerns? Bring them to the forum!

The York Neighborhood is sponsoring a forum on housing concerns on Wednesday, Sept 14th at the Garden Methodist Church at 7pm. [1326 N. Garden St at the corner of N. Garden & Magnolia streets] This will be an interesting, informative and lively discussion.

The York flyer reads: “Please join with neighbors and citizens throughout Bellingham to discuss concerns about affordable housing, zoning, protection of single-family neighborhoods, quality of life issues, and housing options for today and into the future. In an atmosphere of a true “Town Hall” forum, we will listen to one another respectfully and further the dialogue to safeguard our communities, protect the heritage and character of our historic single family neighborhoods, and address the issues of affordability and livability here in Bellingham. Sponsored by: the York Neighborhood Association”

Note: Members of the city council plan to attend. In fact so many that the council office had to put out this notice of quorum: “...a Notice of Quorum for the Bellingham City Council members since four or more members may be attending. This type of notice is sent out widely on our distribution list and some people on those lists will want to attend. We do this when we anticipate a potential quorum at an event where discussions of City business will take place.”

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Comments by Readers

Anne Mackie

Sep 07, 2016

Thank you, Dick, for posting this. We are seeing a lot of interest from many neighborhoods for this event. We’ll have a strong chair to manage the meeting, but everyone gets to speak and no one gets yelled at for having a different opinion. Kind of an old fashioned concept.


Larry Horowitz

Sep 08, 2016

For everyone who, like me, detests attending government meetings, this community forum is for you.

You will be treated with respect.

Your opinions are welcome.

You will be among like-minded fellow citizens.

You will have the opportunity to join others in influencing decisions that affect Bellingham’s livability and quality of life.

You will NOT be attacked if you need more than 3 minutes.

These opportunities to share your thoughts and concerns in an open forum with fellow residents are so rare.  Please take advantage and make a difference.


Tim Paxton

Sep 09, 2016

Q: Has anyone ever heard of a college student rental house ever get enforced by the City for actually being a boarding house? I.e. with 6+ unrelated roomies?

Q: How about any enforcement of the current ADU rule?  Is it supposed to be a family member only?  Who enforces this?



Dick Conoboy

Sep 10, 2016


The short answer to your first question is NO. I have been involved in this issue as far back as 2004.  You may want to relieve those exciting days of yesteryear on my blog which I started in 2007.  http://zonemaven.blogspot.com/  There is a blog archive accessible on the right margin.  Not much has changed.

As for ADUs, the current ordinance mandates the occupation of either the ADU or the main house by the owner. No substitutes like “Cousin Joe”.  By ordinance, the owner is required to attest to his/her occupancy on a periodic basis.

20.10.035 Accessory dwelling units. 4. The primary residence or the accessory dwelling unit must be owner occupied. A covenant, approved by the department of planning and community development, must be signed and recorded which specifies this requirement and the requirement for purchaser registration contained in subsection (B)(6) of this section. In addition, an affidavit must be submitted to the department on or before January 1st of every odd-numbered year attesting to owner occupancy.


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