Dilbits should be kept out of our Salish Sea

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Michael Riordan writes on Sightline about the expected impacts on our Salish Sea from the now approved new oil pipeline to Vancouver. The Kinder Morgan pipeline from Alberta will funnel millions more barrels of crude oil a week to Vancouver, requiring hundreds more oil tankers a year to transit the San Juan Islands. Michael provides a detailed analysis of the expected impacts. The most scary impact to this reader is how some of the oil from a spill or collision will sink to the bottom of our Salish Sea and permanently pollute our waters.

Michael is a writer for Northwest Citizen and a scientist, with a PhD in physics. His article in Sightline introduces us to the new (for me) crude oil term “dilbit”, how it is formed and what it does. And that it does not float. All information we can use as we try to intelligently make decisions for our Pacific northwest. Michael touches on the organized resistance now taking place to stop this Canadian Premier Trudeau approved pipeline.

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