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Branches vs main library

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For the record, the library administration reacted to the post below by shifting the argument from branches to drive times and looking to give us crumbs from the main library bond issue in the form of a couple drop points. Look for info on the Library website soon. I will post a link when they post the info. Let the discussion begin.

Gentle reader, you do need to know that one of the ‘on the record’ reasons for the new library location to be near the civic center is to include a parking garage in the bond issue. This may explain why Edelstein suddenly brought back the civic center location for consideration at yesterday’s meeting. This may reflect the desire of mayor-to-be Tim Douglas. Tim will be resigning from the board in October to take office as mayor on Nov 1.

Many questions. Instead of discussion and debate, we need facts. We need a serious cost-benefit analysis of building branches vs building a new bigger main library. It should include the gas and parking facilities needed to use each type of facility. And that may well tip the scales to branches. And that may well be why they do not want to do the study.

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