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Surly Citizens Object to Backroom Deals

By Anne MackieOn Oct 19, 2016

Anne Mackie guest writes about the Monday, Oct 17, Bellingham City Council meeting. She is a community leader who lives in the York neighborhood. What does it look like when a [...]

Logging Planned for 110 Acres on Samish Hill

By Dick ConoboyOn Oct 10, 2016

The city published a Notice of Application and Optional DNS* Process on October 5, 2016 with a comment period of only two weeks for a logging operation of a substantial nature on [...]

MNAC Paddy Whack Give the Dog a Bone

By Dick ConoboyOn Sep 12, 2016

Guest writer Anne Mackie lives in the York Neibhborhood and is a community leader on residential planning processes. She has organized the Sep 14 community forum. Oddly, the month of August [...]

A Big “Never Mind”

By Anne MackieOn Aug 31, 2016

Anne Mackie guest writes. Anne has lived in the York neighborhood for many years and is a community leader on issues of neighborhood planning. Saturday Night Live’s Roseanne Roseanna [...]

Chapter 2:  Playing the race card

By Dick ConoboyOn Aug 23, 2016

After the “Shout Down” by Council President Pinky Vargas on August 8, Anne Mackie and Dick Conoboy received the following email from Council Member April Barker, author of the [...]

Lummi Island Drawbridge

By Tip JohnsonOn Jun 25, 2016

A drawbridge these days is usually a symbol of mutual public cooperation. They rise to let ships pass and close so surface transportation can resume. In days past, it was [...]

Options High School: Great idea, wrong site

By Guest WriterOn Jun 06, 2016

Tim Paxton guest writes. Tim's testimony and evidence caused the Hearing Examiner to deny permits for Options HS last week. Tim knows of what he writes. We are all [...]

Proposed over-water walkway is dead

By John ServaisOn May 21, 2016

It can now be reliably reported that the long planned over-water walkway, running from the north end of Boulevard Park to the Cornwall Avenue landfill, has been cancelled by the [...]

Missing Options High School traffic study

By Guest WriterOn May 17, 2016

Patrick McKee, a leader in the Sunnyland Neighborhood, guest writes. Bellingham School District did not accurately answer questions contained in the Environmental Checklist submitted as part of their application to [...]

Bellingham Planning tries to sneak one through

By John ServaisOn Apr 11, 2016

Eleven days - 11 days - for the public to comment on a huge neighborhood impacting building project. March 28 to April 11 - with 4 days being weekends. The Sunnyland folks are only [...]

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