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Coal, Oil & Trains

Cameras, not coal, decided the election

By Paul deArmondOn Nov 19, 2011

How much influence did the Washington Conservation Voters have on the recent elections in Bellingham? Daniel Pike, Seth Fleetwood and Cathy Lehman were the WCV slate in the Bellingham elections. [...]

Bad Idea, Wrong Place, and Wrong Time

By Guest WriterOn Oct 31, 2011

Bob Ferris of Re-Sources in Bellingham provides this perspective on our community. ——————— Some cities celebrate giant balls of string or humongous potatoes as part and parcel of their beings. In [...]

From the Political Junkie: Why is Dan Pike talking about Coal Trains?

By Riley SweeneyOn Sep 08, 2011

Writer's Note: I realize that because this article is about a specific candidate, I might be stepping on some people's toes. I have tried to include as much [...]

“Coal on a Roll” - in depth from onearth.org

By John ServaisOn Sep 01, 2011

A longish article, but with good information for us here in Whatcom County. As we face the looming reality of the Cherry Point Coal Terminal, we would do well to [...]

SSA already started construction at Cherry Point

By John ServaisOn Jul 29, 2011

SSA is destroying wetlands, clearing forests, building roads, and preparing their land at Cherry Point for the coal port. Without permits of any kind. County Planning was ignorant of it [...]

The Cole Train: Tell it to the Herring

By Tip JohnsonOn Jun 20, 2011

In today's Seattle Times, Ken Oplinger, our local Chamber of Commerce president, and Chris Johnson from Central Labor are busy spreading their opinion beyond Bellingham to the rest of [...]

On the Take - Coal Port advocates

By John ServaisOn Jun 08, 2011

Seems that Dave Warren, the long time labor leader and vocal advocate for the coal port at Cherry Point, is on the take from SSA, the proponents for the project. [...]

Running blog on Coal Port

By John ServaisOn Jun 03, 2011

Fri, June 3, 2011 Senator Patty Murray filed a new bill in May to help get Gateway Pacific up to $500 million in U.S. federal grants or loans. Patty? Our liberal, Democratic, [...]

Dave Warren plays the martyr

By John ServaisOn Jun 02, 2011

Update June 3: A reader has provided the 4 minute audio of Dave's comments. Dave Warren, the defacto leader of local unions regardless of his retired status, insulted the audience last [...]

Flash mob for coal meeting

By Guest WriterOn Jun 01, 2011

More than 300 people came out Tuesday night to listen to nationally known author and environmentalist Bill McKibben speak against the coal port in Whatcom County and to remind us of [...]

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