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Coal, Oil & Trains

Video of Mudslide Derailing Train Monday

By John ServaisOn Dec 19, 2012

The mother of a local fellow lives in Buffalo, New York, and saw this video on her local TV news of a mudslide and train wreck that happened Monday near [...]

Coal Ship Wrecks Vancouver Terminal

By John ServaisOn Dec 08, 2012

Early Friday morning, a 180,000 ton coal freighter went through the coal dock at WestShore - the large coal terminal that our proposed Cherry Point coal terminal is supposed to compete [...]

Lummi Nation Opposes Coal Terminal

By John ServaisOn Sep 21, 2012

Photos added - 9 pm - Tip Johnson has posted photos he took today and has added captions. Updated - 1:30 pm - from texts from Tip Johnson who is attending. Lummi [...]

The Political Junkie interviews “Power Past Coal”

By Riley SweeneyOn Aug 20, 2012

Riley's Note: As usual, you can find more pictures, interviews, analysis and commentary over at my home site The Political Junkie With initiatives, campaigns and millions in advertising dollars, [...]

Coal Free Bellingham: Point Proven?

By Larry HorowitzOn Aug 09, 2012

Did the powers-that-be, including the City of Bellingham (COB), Warren Buffet’s Burlington Northern Sante Fe Railway Company (BNSF), and the Whatcom Superior Court System (Court) just prove Coal-Free [...]

BNSF Shoreline Improvements for the Proposed Gateway Pacific Coal Port

By Tip JohnsonOn Jul 15, 2012

A picture - or a video - is worth a thousand words. Click 'Nuf said' to view video on YouTube.

Planning Commissioner Mocks Environmental Concern For Coal Terminal

By Wendy HarrisOn Jan 15, 2012

In his eagerness to attack a Democratic candidate, David Onkels forgot that members of the Whatcom County Planning Commission should not publicly comment on matters subject to future Planning Commission [...]

The Cole Train: Loads of BS

By Tip JohnsonOn Dec 04, 2011

At the request of the Edgemoor Neighborhood Association, Craig Cole (Mr. Coal) appeared at Fairhaven Middle School last Thursday to represent the interests of his employer, SSA Marine, proponents of [...]

Update on Cherry Point Buffer Mitigation Proposal

By Wendy HarrisOn Dec 02, 2011

The County Planning Department just issued a memorandum to the County Planning Commission recommending removal of the Cherry Point Industrial area that is outside of the Birch Bay watershed from [...]

County Proposal Includes New Cherry Point Buffer Mitigation Requirements

By Wendy HarrisOn Nov 22, 2011

The Whatcom County Planning Department is attempting to revise mitigation requirements for habitat buffers in the Cherry Point Industrial District. Under a proposed new chapter to the Whatcom County Code, [...]

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