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Coal, Oil & Trains

“Friends and Neighbors”?

By Terry WechslerOn Apr 21, 2014

Updated August 30, 2014, to add spill information from the Department of Ecology's Spill Incidents site. In their November 29, 2012, comment on the proposed Gateway Pacific Terminal (GPT), the Northern Whatcom County [...]

Killer Industrial Jobs or Long-term Job Killers?

By Terry WechslerOn Apr 06, 2014

Carl Weimer recently posted a comment on facebook comparing the Comp Plan revision process (intended to keep us in compliance with the Growth Management Act) to watching paint dry. Sam [...]

County Hires GPT Permit Lead as Senior Planner

By Riley SweeneyOn Mar 10, 2014

3/17/2014 Update: Since this story broke, there have been a number of developments. Tim Johnson covered it in the Cascadia Weekly, digging into the pro-development bias of our planning department as [...]

Whatcom Watch Editor Resigns

By John ServaisOn Mar 02, 2014

Richard Jehn, the managing editor of the Whatcom Watch, has submitted his letter of resignation, effective today. It remains to be seen how the board of the Watch will respond [...]

Relevant Documents to Libel Threat

By John ServaisOn Feb 25, 2014

It is past time to post the documents and links that are relevant to the threatened libel suit from Pacific International Terminals consultant Craig Cole against the Whatcom Watch. Other [...]

Craig Cole Threatens Libel Suit

By John ServaisOn Feb 19, 2014

Craig Cole, the local face for plans to build the Gateway Pacific Terminal coal port at Cherry Point, sent a letter on February 5 to the Whatcom Watch threatening a libel [...]

How the Coal Industry Funneled $40,000 into Whatcom

By Riley SweeneyOn Oct 02, 2013

In the last four months, SSA Marine and BNSF Railroad have funneled thousands of dollars into Whatcom Republican candidates. While digging through the PDC in September, I discovered a whole [...]

Safeguard the Southfork

By Guest WriterOn May 31, 2013

Jeff Margolis provides this guest piece. He has been Co-Owner of Everybody's Store in VanZandt for over 40 years, and has been deeply involved in the community and politics of [...]

Coal Trains and Unhealthy Air - Any Connection?

By John ServaisOn May 05, 2013

Courtesy of Cliff Mass' weather blog, here is a University of Washington professor of Atmospherics Science, Don Jaffe, who wants to do a study of impacts from trains on our [...]

EIS Scoping Period for GPT is Closed

By Wendy HarrisOn Jan 22, 2013

The time for submitting GPT EIS scoping comments is now closed. The comment period ended today at 5 P.M. As of 5:45 P.M, the EIS website was either taken down [...]

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